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The Earth Expedition is ActiveWater's global campaign to raise awareness, recruit volunteers, and  drum up financial support to respond to the water crisis that wreaks havoc in the continent of Africa. 



This adventure is intense and not for the faint-hearted.  Our hikers commit to trekking a thousand miles or more of our route, spanning multiple countries at times and often alone.  They personally save funds, pay off necessary debt, and elicit the help of family and sponsors to pay their expense of fullfilling their journey.   They humble themselves to live a season of complete sacrifice, literally homeless with nothing more to their namesake than what they can carry on their back in our Earth Expedition backpack.  And most importantly, they become fully knowledgeable advocates for teaching others about the international water crisis; visiting schools, churches, civic groups, and even local businesses to share the story of why they are willing to walk for water so that others will not have to.  

Click Here to visit the official Earth Expedition website and learn how you can become involved as a future team member.  While you're there, don't forget to check out the travel blogs from our latest hiker, Ryan Beerwinkle, who successfully made his way through 1,250 miles of Australia this past summer!