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The following values are embedded in our organization’s approach to providing services: 

God first…people second.  We base this core value out of the teachings of Jesus Christ in Matthew 22:37-40.  We believe that to ultimately love God and love others and seek their well-being above our own abundance must remain the driving force behind every decision we make.

We exist to be an inspiration to people of all race, sex, gender, religion, and age and assist them in the unlocking of God-size dreams that will inherently change the world for another.

Not only do we love providing families in need with safe, clean, accessible water, but our faith also compells us to present the Living Water found in Jesus Christ alone.

Our communication is unparalleled. We believe that all of us at ActiveWater, from founders and staff to sponsors and volunteers, are each a crucial part to a vital whole. It is our mission that no one's efforts should be understated, ignored, or accepted without proper gratitude.

We keep flawless records of our spending and we practice wisdom, humility, and careful consideration with all purchases made.  Such standards must be followed to ensure that the integrity by which our mission was founded remains pure, and so that change can occur in the lives of those we are affecting both with rapid haste and for the long term.