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ActiveWater is about mobilizing people who want to make a difference. The following list comprises several grassroots campaigns that we've found to be highly effective in raising awareness, recruiting volunteers, and drumming up financial support for our clean water projects.  Although these ideas are here to get you started, we would love to see what creative ideas that you can come up with as well. So if you would like to pursue something unique to you and your interests, simply click on the "Create Your Own Campaign" link at the bottom of the page and we will do our best to help you succeed!

Becoming a volunteer of ActiveWater is simple, just contact us at or register for your own personal fundraising page by clicking here.


  Boxed_Two_Week_Challenge.jpg       Boxed_Tree_of_Life.jpg       Boxed_Stomp_Out_Thirst.jpg        Boxed_Car_Wash.jpg

  Boxed_Potty_Notes.jpg     Boxed_Water_Walk.jpg       Boxer_Facebook_Cover_Photo.jpg        Boxed_Garage_Sale.jpg

  Boxed_Wedding_Campaign.jpg     Boxed_Challenge_Card.jpg       Boxed_Create_Your_Own.jpg      Boxed_Share_Your_Birthday.jpg
  Boxer_Benefit_Dinner.jpg    Boxer_Penny_War.jpg        Boxer_Swap_your_Pop.jpg         Boxer_Bake_Sale.jpg