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Ashley_Rounded.jpgTeam ActiveWater is a group of individual athletes all over the world who share two passions; being fit and saving lives!

Through vigorous training, competitive participation, and compassionate advocacy, our team members fullfill their dreams of athletic conquests knowing that every drop of sweat from their own personal sacrifice is leading to a richer, fuller life for another.  This mission is accomplished through the funding of clean water solutions for communities in developing nations all over the world.


Simply put, because these athletes are willing to perform at their best, share the story of nearly a billion people who lack access to safe drinking water with their friends, and challenge others to make a difference on their behalf, countless lives will be changed and thousands of lives will be saved!

So how does it work?  We partner with everyday people just like you.  Whether you love to run, cycle, kayak, long distance walk, shoot basketballs, name it!  If you're interested, then we're interested!  Once you're a part of our team, we provide you with the following resources to help you use your athletic hard work to raise awareness about the World Water Crisis and provide safe, clean water to those in need.




 Please click on any of our most popular athletic campaigns on our "Get Involved" page and consider ways you can partner with Team ActiveWater to become part of the solution!

To get involved, contact us at or start building your fundraising page now by clicking here